chapter index :

2.01 Measures
2.02 Measures and Modulation
2.03 Modular Coordination
2.04 Measurement : Modes and Modules
2.05 Specifications
2.06 Categories of Specifications
2.07 Placement of Specifications
2.08 Specifications for Whom
2.09 Writing Specifications
2.10 Standards
2.11 Bureau of Indian Standards : BIS
2.12 ISO International Standards Org
2.13 ISO 9000 and other Standards


interior design practice
& office management 2


This course is offered at III year level (during 5 years full time course). It is designed to provide a formal knowledge of issues related to the Professional Practice in Interior Design.

PDF version

PPT version (2.1 to 2.4)

PPT version (2.5 to 2.9)

PPT version (2.10 to 2.13)

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